Mycroboost Mushroom Vegan Gummies

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Mycroboost vegan gummies contain 300mg of mushrooms per gummy, with five different types, including black cherry chaga, orange cordyceps, lemon lion’s mane, strawberry turkey tail, and blue raspberry reishi. These gummies can help with protecting your cells, circulation, gut health, hormone regulation, immune system, skin and hair health, nervous system and respiratory system.* This mushroom is great for athletes and for casual everyday use.

These gummies are not intended to have a psychoactive effect.

Suggested serving size is one gummy, and the package contains 20 gummies. Simply chew it like candy and enjoy the delicious flavors. 

Black Cherry – Chaga – 300mg per a gummy

Orange – Cordyceps – 300mg per a gummy

Lemon – Lion's Mane – 300mg per a gummy

Blue Raspberry – Reishi – 300mg per a gummy

Strawberry – Turkey Tail – 300mg per a gummy

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